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Relieve the pressure of liquidating an Estate Sale! Hybrid Estate Sales makes it easy with 4 simple steps!

Step 1: Free Consultation

Hybrid Estate Sales provides a Free (no-pressure) Consultation to all of our clients to not only ensure our services meet your needs but to also share with you the benefits of utilizing our unique process, options, and team of Experts.

Step 2: Appraisal & Personalized Sales Plan Created

The Experts from Hybrid Estate Sales will review each item you’re liquidating and create a Sales Plan that benefits you the most. Valuables that will attract more attention via our Online Sale Sites will be placed up for auction,and begin creating profits immediately! Valuables that are best sold to those locally, or those that are unable to be shipped, will be sold during a one to three-day Estate Sale.

Our Marketing Team will work hard to ensure the most buyers are presented with your sale, not only in-home but also online (worldwide!). Utilizing photographs of the valuables being sold, we can ensure buyer interest is quickly created.

Step 3: Presentation & Estate Sale Completed

Hybrid Estate Sales will showcase your valuables (both in-home and online) in a manner that ensure the most pieces sold and highest profits! This is a key element to hosting a successful Estate Sale and you can rest assured knowing we will provide the best presentation possible.

Valuables being sold via our Online Sales Sites will be photographed in High-Resolution to ensure the highest quality image is presented to the millions of online shoppers. Each item will be accompanied by a description ensuring the shopper knows the true value of each piece.

Step 4: Delivery of Profits to Owner

Upon completion of your Hybrid Estate Sale, we will proudly present you with the profits from your Traditional Estate Sale & Online Estate Sale! You’ll see a higher amount of profits from our company than from those hosting a strictly Traditional Estate Sale!

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